Heavy Duty Truck Transmissions

FROs, RTLOs, 10 speeds, 18 speeds, manual and even automatic – our shop has it all. We rebuild all the major models of the Eaton/Fuller line and also work on Spicer and Meritor transmissions. We rebuild our units with genuine parts and aftermarket parts that are performance proven. Each of our transmissions comes with a standard one year warranty with unlimited miles coast to coast. We keep the most popular units in stock at our store for exchange and can rebuild and repair most heavy duty transmissions that come our way. If you are on the other side of the country from us and would like an outright no core charge unit, we can arrange for that as well. See some of our most popular in stock transmissions below rebuilt under our roof in Santa Fe Springs, California.

10 speed line of Fuller FROs, FRs, FROFs, internal coolers, pumps, and different torque rated transmissions in this class including:

  • FRO11210B/C
  • FRO13210C/IC
  • FRO14210B/C/IC/WP
  • FRO15210B/C/IC
  • FRO16210B/C/IC
  • FRO17210C/IC
  • FRO18210C/IC
  • FR11210B
  • FR14210B
  • FR15210B
  • FR16210B
  • Shift cover placement can be moved forward on request. All units come with the output nut and seal and clutch housing gasket.
  • Clutch housings available on request.
  • No electronics.
  • More models available not shown.

18/13/10/9/8 speed line of Fuller RTLOS, RTS, and varying torque rated manual transmissions.

  • RTLO16913A
  • RTLO18918B
  • RTLO20918B
  • RTO16908LL
  • RTOC16909A
  • RTOF16908LL
  • RTX116710B
  • RTO958LL
  • Clutch housings available on request.
  • No electronics.
  • More models available not shown. 

Mid Range FS, FSOs with varying torques and ratios.

  • FS5306A
  • FS5406A/N
  • FS6406A/N
  • FSO6406A/N
  • FSO8406A/N
  • Clutch housings only by request.
  • No Electronics.
  • More models available not shown.

Spicer line of ESs, ESOs, and other models in this class.

  • ES42-5D
  • ES52-7A/B
  • ESO65-7A
  • ESO66-7B
  • No electronics.
  • More models available.

Takeout Endurants are available.

  • EEO17F112C
  • EEO18F112C
  • More models.
  • These are available as take-outs only currently. A take out is a unit that has mileage so low it is like new. 
  • No electronics.

Many other models available not listed here including automatics. See below:

  • FAO16810C
  • FAO15810C
  • FAOM15810S
  • FM15E310B-LAS
  • FO16E308LL-VCS
  • FO16E313A-MHP
  • And many, many more. Call or email for availability.

A new Detroit line of DT12 transmissions will also become available soon and featured on our site. Please call us at (866)-654-5827 or email Phil at [email protected] for quoting and availability.