Heavy Duty Truck Differentials

We rebuild all the major brands and models of differential currently used by semi trucks in the industry. Our catalog of Rockwell and Eaton units is extensive and we even work on Alliance, International, Mack, and other major types. All of the units are rebuilt here in our shop to the highest quality with the best genuine and performance proven aftermarket parts. We can rebuild most current heavy duty differentials to almost any available ratio (depending on parts availability) and would love to help you in getting your truck moving again. Whether you need your own unit repaired or an exchanged unit, we are here to help. Call (866)-654-5827 or email [email protected] to get a quote or order going today.

Eaton Front and Rear line of DS/RS differentials and their varying models and ratios.

  • DS404
  • DSP40
  • DSP41
  • DDP40
  • RS404
  • RSP40
  • RSP41
  • 17060S
  • 19060S
  • 21060D
  • Many more sub models available.
  • Call us and tell us what model and ratio you would like.

Rockwell tandem RD/RS style differentials and their sub models.

  • RD20145
  • RS20145
  • RD20145DL
  • RS20145DL
  • Let us know what model and ratio you would like.

Rockwell tandem MT/RS/or MR style differentials.

  • MT40-14X
  • MT40-14XDL
  • MD2014X
  • Amboid MR2014X
  • Hypoid RS20145
  • Many ratios available. Let us know which one you need.

RS/RD line of forward and rear Rockwell differentials.

  • RD23160
  • RD23160DL
  • RS23160
  • RS23160DL
  • Let us know the ratio you need when you order.

Alliance/Mercedes line of front and rear differentials.

  • RT40-4N
  • RR40-4N
  • R23-4N
  • R19.5-2N
  • Other models and ratios available in this type.

International differential line of front and rear units.

  • RA472F
  • RA472R
  • RA47
  • RA57
  • Many ratios available on request.

Many other differential models available including:

  • S23-170
  • S23170D
  • S23-190
  • S23-190D
  • D46-170
  • D46-170D
  • DSH40
  • R46-170
  • RSH40
  • SQ100F
  • SQ100R